About OMShare

OMShare is an online platform which aims at leveraging Social Media to give conferences reach and access to Global Audience. OMShare-logo

OMShare is OMLogic’s maiden initiative in taking Social Media to a new level, creating a platform for creation of focused communities around an event. There are always various facets to an event.

We take a conference not just as an event, we create greater in depth possibilities answering the various challenges which a conference poses for the Online Marketing Initiatives

  1. Increase Conference Outreach
    1. Reaching out to potential Delegates
    2. Converting Delegates to Attendees
  2. Improve Delegates Participation
    1. Networking (Before, During and After the Conference)
    2. Information access
    3. Managing Feedback
    4. Archival and Retrieval of Knowledge-base created during the conference

We establish a clear understanding of the concerns of target audience at various stages before and after the conference, starting from when they are thinking about attending the conference to the time when they have gone back attending the event.

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