OMShare Taking Events Global – announces its launch with the – TiE Internet SIG Session – Delhi

TiE - Surviving and winning in a downturn

TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), the Delhi chapter is hosting “Surviving and Winning in a Downturn” as part of its Internet SIG.

“Some of the best businesses were built in a downturn”

The key learning points of the session would be:

  • Understanding the analysts perspective on how to build business in turbulent times
  • A closer look at the internet companies which not only survived the dotcom bust but also became success stories
  • Investor perspective by reliving the life graph of successful portfolio companies of selected VC’s

Session Highlights:

The session will have various companies presenting their case studies, handpicked to illustrate their valuable experiences which would form a common basis of learning for all

The companies would share how they stayed afloat during the storm, discuss in details the milestones they achieved on their journey and word of caution for fellow entrepreneurs.

A major highlight of the event is that it is being made accessible to the Global Audience all over the world, through LIVE blogging, by OMLogic.

OMLogic also announces the launch of the first of its kind, Online Platform for Events and Conferences, which aims at providing Global Audience to the event. With the previous successes of various conferences, OMShare is an initiative by OMLogic in leveraging the power of Social Media for events and conferences.


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