OMCAR 2009- The Online Marketing Summit – history repeats itself

OMCAR 2008 the world’s first online marketing careers conference. Hosted by OM Careers (a non-profit organization & an online marketing careers community) OMCAR is designed to create a confluence for the burgeoning Online Marketing Industry and the Professional talent who dream to be a part of it. With a vision of creating a talent pool for the online industry, the OM Careers society was established and is now an established entity.

The event was committed to empower the current & aspiring Online Marketing Professionals in their Careers, the conference kicked-off the much required platform to explore endless opportunities in Online Marketing Industry.

OMCAR 2008 was a huge success with over 300 attendees. The speakers included the who’s who from the online space. The attendees were highly enthusiastic over the stimulating and inspiring discussions on online marketing careers including practical tips and guidance by leading online marketing experts, on building a successful career in online marketing.

Highlights of OMCAR 2008

The delegates were welcomed and the session was introduces by Kapil Gupta (OM Careers).

Mahesh Murthy (Pinstorm) spoke on ‘Introduction to Online Marketing & Career Opportunities’. The discussion evoked lot of excitement from the audiences who were looking at building a fulfilling career in the online marketing industry.


Vivek Bhargava (Communicate2) & Dylan Thwaites (Latitude) spoke on ‘What it takes to enter into the Online Marketing Industry?’. This was beneficial to understand the areas which should be focussed upon by professionals who wish to make it in the online marketing space.


‘Is Online Marketing a Different World?’, quipped Harish Bahl (SITG) & Sidharth Swarup (Ishir Infotech). This discussions evoked a lot of reactions from the audience who came up with their own versions on how Online Marketing is similar to or different from traditional marketing.

Anurag Gupta (DGM India) & Manish Vij (Quasar Media) spoke upon ‘Entrepreneurial Opportunities’. The audience was deeply involved in this discussion and asked a lot of questions.


Ravi Kabra (Havas Digital) & Ratan KK (Pinstorm) touched upon ‘Ongoing Training & Skill Development’. This was a very important discussion and audience eagerly lapped up the relevant information shared by the experts.


Another discussion which was highly beneficial and evoked huge responses from the audience was the discussion on ‘Personal Branding’ by Raja Choudhury (C3Cube). This was a highly beneficial discussion for anyone who is already a part of or aiming to be a part of the online industry. The audience was very involved throughout the discussion.


There was a Panel Discussion on ‘What lies in the Future of Online Marketing?’. Mahesh Murthy (Pinstorm), Amar Goel (Komli) & Kiran Gopinath (Ozone Media) participated in this important and useful discussion.


Kapil Gupta (OM Careers) wrapped up the session with a Vote of Thanks.


The event received many notes of appreciation from prominent delegates:

“I was delighted by the way OMCAR 2008 was organized. Great Job!”.
-Vivek Bhargava (CEO, Communicate2)

“Outstanding Show. Congratulations!”.
-Mahesh Murthy (CEO, Pinstorm)

“I liked the commitment & the passion of the team behind OMCAR.”
-Harish Bahl (CEO, StudioSmile)

“Excellent Speakers.”
-Geetu Ahuja (Online Marketing Head,

“It was an enriching experience.”
-Shiksha Bhatia (Google).

OMCAR 2009

Following the success of OMCAR 2008, the OM Careers society is now ready with OMCAR 2009, The Online Marketing Summit, being held on 23rd May at Amity Business School, Noida. OMCAR 2009 is being organized by OM Careers in association with TiE, New Delhi. The event will focus upon empowering businesses to grow by leveraging the power of Online Marketing.

The confirmed speakers at OMCAR 2009 are:

Jaspreet Bindra (pic)
Regional Director – Entertainment & Devices
Division Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Mahesh Murthy (pic)
Founder & CEO, Pinstorm

Vivek Bhargava (pic)
CEO, Communicate2

Kiran Gopinath, (pic)
Founder & CEO, Ozone Media

Pradeep Chopra (pic)
Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Alok Mittal (pic)
Managing Director – Canaan Partners

Nikhil Rungta (pic)
Marketing Head –

REGISTER NOW for the event, few seats left!

OMShare Taking Events Global – announces its launch with the – TiE Internet SIG Session – Delhi

TiE - Surviving and winning in a downturn

TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), the Delhi chapter is hosting “Surviving and Winning in a Downturn” as part of its Internet SIG.

“Some of the best businesses were built in a downturn”

The key learning points of the session would be:

  • Understanding the analysts perspective on how to build business in turbulent times
  • A closer look at the internet companies which not only survived the dotcom bust but also became success stories
  • Investor perspective by reliving the life graph of successful portfolio companies of selected VC’s

Session Highlights:

The session will have various companies presenting their case studies, handpicked to illustrate their valuable experiences which would form a common basis of learning for all

The companies would share how they stayed afloat during the storm, discuss in details the milestones they achieved on their journey and word of caution for fellow entrepreneurs.

A major highlight of the event is that it is being made accessible to the Global Audience all over the world, through LIVE blogging, by OMLogic.

OMLogic also announces the launch of the first of its kind, Online Platform for Events and Conferences, which aims at providing Global Audience to the event. With the previous successes of various conferences, OMShare is an initiative by OMLogic in leveraging the power of Social Media for events and conferences.